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We have 3 different hiking trails on the farm, clearly marked, with a map available on request.

It won’t take you long to see how tame the animals are on Nyala Valley. Keep your eyes open for the hoof prints and droppings of our nyala, impala, zebra, wildebeest and giraffe. Porcupine quills are often seen scattered across your path.

Our indigenous flora shows itself as a changing canvas throughout the seasons. Our walks bring you into close contact with:

  • Strelizia and aloes which show off their winter finery
  • Coral trees which flower in spring, followed by their brilliant red lucky bean seeds
  • The milky white Alum lilies which flower along the shady river banks in spring
  • The exquisite Cape Chestnuts dotted along the southern slopes, putting out their lacy pink flowers in early summer
  • The sneezewood trees that colour the hills in their autumn colours
  • The Phoenix reclinata palms that arch gracefully across the river courses

Nyala Valley is very popular with hikers. As there are no dangerous animals on the Game Reserve, it is safe to walk and you can get close to nature. However, bare in mind that you are in the bush and need to be aware of snakes.