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Simply unwinding and relaxing is a major activity on Nyala Valley, either on the veranda of Simplicity or the deck of the Lily Pad. However, if you should wish, we have three activities for you to choose from :- Game drives are available on request. We have 3 different hiking trails on the farm each

Rest & Relaxation

There is a private secluded spot under the giant Wild Fig where you can relax into a wooden hammock or swing chair. Bring a pillow and a good book and you can enjoy true relaxation, listening to the birds and the silence beyond their birdsong reconnecting with yourself.


We have 3 different hiking trails on the farm, clearly marked, with a map available on request. It won’t take you long to see how tame the animals are on Nyala Valley. Keep your eyes open for the hoof prints and droppings of our nyala, impala, zebra, wildebeest and giraffe. Porcupine quills are often seen

Game Drives

It won’t take you long to see how tame the animals are on Nyala Valley. You can see Nyala, Zebra, Kudu, Impala, Wildebeest and Waterbuck on the grasslands. Giraffe can be seen browsing the taller thorn trees on the hill sides and if you lucky you may see the shy Blue Duiker that hides in


Nyala Valley has 3 comfortable double canoes that can be hired for paddling on the Kleinemonde West River. Spend time birding on the river for a few hours… magical!. This canoeing is done on the deeper section down-stream from Nyala Valley, a very popular way to spend a day’s birding.

Bird Watching

The current 2020 Nyala Valley official bird count stand at 164 different bird species. Collect your Nyala Valley bird list on arrival and see how many you can identify, maybe even add a new sighting yourself. Some of the birds that can be seen along the river bank are: different Kingfishers (Brown hooded,  African- Pygmy,