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Bird Watching

The current 2020 Nyala Valley official bird count stand at 164 different bird species. Collect your Nyala Valley bird list on arrival and see how many you can identify, maybe even add a new sighting yourself.

Some of the birds that can be seen along the river bank are: different Kingfishers (Brown hooded,  African- Pygmy, Giant, Half-collared- Malachite, Pied), the very rare African Fin foot, Yellow Billed ducks, pairs of Fish Eagle calling above and Dabchicks paddling ahead of you.

A sighting of the Narina Trogon is every bird lover’s dream. This beautiful bird is very vocal from September to February and can often be heard during this period in the Nyala Valley riverine forests or when canoeing along the river..

Often heard at night are the Owls: African Scops, Wood, Marsh, Cape Eagle, Verreaux’s. During the day you can enjoy seeing the soaring Martial Eagle, African Goshawk, Jackal Buzzard, Crowned Eagle and maybe Osprey while canoeing the pristine river on Nyala Valley.

We are proud to be members of Birdlife SA.

Nyala Valley offers an enriching birding experience for you, your friends and family.

Enjoy a Birding Education experience run by Anne Williams or Tim Cockroft, both Accredited FGASA Guides.

There are no dangerous animals in the Nyala Valley so you can get very close to nature. However, bear in mind that you are in the bush and need to be aware of snakes.

Don’t leave your binoculars behind as it is well known for the variety and abundance of bird life.